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Why you should choose Label Magnets, LLC

At Label Magnets, we make it simple…
You don’t have to browse page after page to find what works for you. 35 years of experience has shown us the sizes and styles most commonly used for labeling. Call our experienced sales staff if you don’t find the products you need, we have converting equipment available and ready to create a unique size. Our low minimums, prices and quick turn time helps jump start your project.

Why use magnetic strips? Identifying inventory and locations in the warehouse is similar to mapping, directional signage and destination points that we all rely on daily. It needs to be clear, easy to understand and easy to navigate. Whether you are responsible for inventory control, shipping, receiving or warehousing, you can benefit from using magnetic labels. Eliminate prep time from gluing labels directly to shelves, unsightly label build up, or reprinting labels when products move. Magnets are easy to install by simply adhering sticky labels to a magnet, then attaching to any metal surface. Take the magnet along with the inventory to its new relocation site. The old area is left with a clean surface ready to receive the next item. Here are just a few places you can use magnets to identify inventory and locations:

  • Warehouse shelving
  • Scheduling board
  • Offices
  • Doors
  • Lockers
  • Tool Boxes
  • Equipment
  • Barrels & Drums
  • File Cabinets
  • Stock Rooms
  • Bulk Bins

Product Passion and Product Knowledge: Our team has over 35 years working in the magnetic industry; we know magnets and use that knowledge to get you the right product at the right price. While some like to call it work, we call it fun, exciting, and rewarding!

Low overhead: When we decided to enter the field on our own, we left behind the corporate baggage (and overhead). We stock common sizes and can create unique sizes as needed. Our low overhead means lower prices accompanied with our fast service.
Quality Products: Our flexible magnets are produced in the USA by skilled operators using modernized technology. They are safe for the environment and proven child safe by established industry standards. Most foreign flexible magnetic products are produced with foreign ingredients proven harmful to consumers and the environment, and do not follow the same US standards.

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