Magnet Tape, Strips & Adhesive

Have questions, comments or suggestions not found here?
We welcome all feedback and we want to hear from you. Please email to [email protected]

How do I place an order?
Orders can be placed via our online shopping cart, email [email protected] or phone

Can I receive samples prior to ordering?
Yes, we have sample kits available for minimal fees.

Why do you charge for samples?
Samples are costly – material costs, time to gather, pack and shipping costs.  We feel the sample kits we have put together will give you the best test experience needed to make a decision.

I need a size you don’t offer.  Will you make a custom magnet?
Yes. Check out our Service section for information and requirements or contact [email protected].

Can you supply other colors then white?
Yes.  We have basic colors: yellow, orange, green and red. Check out our Service section for information and requirements or contact [email protected]. Minimum quantities will apply.

What kind of pen works best on the white vinyl?
A wet erase pen works best, then the writing doesn’t brush off with a dry touch. We have found Vis-a-vis and Marks-A-Lot erasable markers work best.

Most permanent markers work just fine.

When will my order ship?
Shopping cart orders usually ship within 24 hours of receipt and you will receive a confirmation with tracking information via email.
Custom orders require start to finish manufacturing which can take 1-3 weeks. All custom orders will get the attention required to insure our customer is getting the product required for their unique application.

How long will shipping take?
General transit times for stock orders are 5-7 days. If an item is out-of-stock, we will notify you by email.

What credit cards do you accept?
Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We do not accept international credit cards. We also accept pre-payment by check, money order and wire transfer. Wire transfers are subject to bank fees.

When do you charge my credit card?
For shopping cart orders, your credit card is charged when the order ships.
For custom orders we charge your credit card at the time the order is placed. You may notice a separate charge for shipping which is charged when the order ships.

Can I use a PO and be invoiced for the products?
For qualified accounts our payment terms are 1% 10 net 30 days. We will email or fax a credit application. Once we receive the completed form expect open account status to take 2-4 days.

Why buy products made in the USA?
You receive products that are the same time after time; consistent quality and superior strength. Products are manufactured and shipped within three weeks, quicker then it takes most products to travel across the ocean.

What should we know about foreign flexible magnetic products?
Most foreign flexible magnet products are produced with ingredients proven to harm the environment and they do not adhere to industry standards. These ingredients cause migration problems where the magnet will permanently stick to metal shelving.

Secondly and most importantly, there are Label Laws requiring the magnet to be back printed showing the country of origin. Most importers do not want to take on the extra expense to follow trade laws because it takes away from their profits. The penalty or fine then lies with the company buying and owning the product which can be as high as 30% of the purchase price.

Can you expedite my order, I need it tomorrow. Yes we ship with UPS or FedEx and both have Next Day services. Additional freight will be required. Orders can be heavy so consider saving freight costs and have us split the shipment into a combination of expedited and standard services.

When can I expect to receive my order?
The chart below contains estimated delivery times for the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. Delivery times refer to business days. You will receive tracking information and order confirmations via email.

Magnet Labels

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