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With over 35 years of experience, Label Magnets is your source for top quality, high-end warehouse and store adhesive magnets. You can choose from stock sizes, or take advantage or our convenient and inexpensive custom cutting options to get the exact product you need.

adhesive magnets
White Magnetic Labels
Write directly onto the white vinyl surface with either permanent or wet erase markers. These labels can be easily cut to any length with scissors, utility knives or shears. White Magnet Labels are perfect for labeling products and identifying product locations, to allow for easy inventory relocation and labeling throughout your warehouse.
White Magnetic Strips
Only slightly more expensive than White Magnet Labels – Strips are conveniently pre-scored to standard label lengths and ready to use without additional cutting or shaping and allow you to write and rewrite directly onto a white vinyl surface with wet erase markers. White Magnet Strips allow for easy stock movement throughout your warehouse for easy re-organization throughout the years!

Plain Label Magnets
Plain flexible magnets are designed to be used with computer or hand-written sticky labels. At .060″ thick our plain magnets are durable to handle labeling projects in the most active and demanding warehouse.
Plain Magnetic Strips
Pre-scored to standard label length and ready to use with pre-printed sticker labels. Simply snap off each piece to begin your labeling project. These labels can easily be re-labeled with additional stickers and moved throughout your store or warehouse as inventory moves or changes.

Magnetic Vinyl Envelopes
Allow for ease and convenience when organizing warehouses or stores. Made from rugged 8 millimeter vinyl with two magnetic strips, the envelopes allow you to display critical information or product details on metal shelves, racks, equipment, or doors. Easily replace paper labels with new product information as needed.
C-Channel Magnets
A full magnet backing ensures extra strength, while the C-Channel allows data cards to be slid into the magnet and display information securely. Since the data cards come in a wide variety of different colors (including white) you can color code scheduling boards and identify files in the office, library or warehouse.

custom printed magnets in different colors and sizes
Custom Printed Magnets
Let Label Magnets help you with your custom printed magnets for the warehouse, stockroom or office. We can supply durable labels already applied to magnets or create a unique magnetic label or sign with our full digital printing capabilities.
custom cutting and vinyl envelopes
Custom Cutting & Vinyl Envelopes
For applications that are unique in size or strength we can create a magnet that will work for your labeling needs. Many times it is simply cutting our rolls to different lengths, other times it’s making vinyl envelopes stronger by applying more magnets. We can handle any quantity and do our best to keep our minimums low, our prices competitive and lead times within your time frame.

Writ-on/Wipe Colored Flexible Magnets
Dry Erase Write-on/Wipe-off Colored Flexible Magnets
Works great on metal white boards, organizational charts, production scheduling boards, to designate jobs, equipment rentals, locations, seasonal products. Use DRY erase markers and change information as frequently as needed. Cut to length with scissors or utility knife.
wet erase colored flexible magnets
Wet Erase Colored Flexible Magnets
For a semi-permanent writing surface use our WET erasable colored flexible magnets. Color code warehouse shelves, seasonal products, dated products, or create a special designation on how product should flow between departments. Cut to length with scissors or utility knife.

magnetic tape black
Magnetic Tape
Magnetic on one side, permanent industrial strength adhesive on the other. If you need to hang laminated signs or useful information on metal racks or doors, Magnetic Tape allows you to easily hang items while being able to move signage as needed. Also perfect for lining tool trays to hold small metal parts.
Magnetic Strips with Adhesive
This pre-cut roll is magnetic on one side, with permanent industrial strength adhesive on the other. Cut Through the Magnet (CTM) allows for easy tear away and peel from a continuous intact liner.

Made from a heavy, 10-gauge PVC, these labels allow you to easily display messages on wire baskets, racks, or closed handles while permitting barcode scanning. They hang easily wherever you put them, without scratching, denting, or requiring a flat surface!
Pot Magnets
The perfect, extremely strong magnet, for use in workshops, warehouses, and offices. The mounting hole allows use in hanging lights, signs and tools from magnetic beams, equipment, cabinets, and metal doors.

Inkjet & Laser Printable Magnetic Sheets
Quickly and easily create your own indoor signage using any desktop ink-jet printer and/or laser printer.
Magnetic Business Cards
Increase sales and keep business cards visible by converting paper business cards into a magnet. Take a standard business card 2″x3.5″ and magnet. Peel away the adhesive liner, match up the edges and press together.

Magnetic Sheeting
Flexible Magnetic Sheeting
Perfect for custom car signs, masking, displays, advertising, warehouse labels and more. Can be used with screen printers, ink-jet printers, digital printing, offset, and flexographic.
High Energy Flexible Magnet
For applications that require extra strength, High Energy Flexible Magnets provide up to 60% more holding power! Perfect for light duty holding applications, can be easily machined and is inexpensive.

example of custom services from label magnets
Custom Services
Not all labels are compatible with the choices offered. We have converting machines available and waiting to create a unique size magnet for your warehouse or stock room. We can handle any quantity and do our best to keep our minimums low, our prices competitive and lead times within your time frame.

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