Flexible Magnetic Sheeting


All flexible Label Magnetic products are made right here in the USA so you can count on receiving a product that is safe, consistent and reliable with every order. Strict quality control standards insure that all products are fully saturated with magnetism using a multiple pole pattern. This method provides optimum strength across the entire surface of the magnet.

Magnetic sheeting is a pressed mixture of ferrites and binders. In its raw form the material is dark brown with the magnetic strength on only one side. Often applications will require a laminate to be placed on the non-magnetic side, such as a vinyl, adhesive or paper. We have specific vinyl laminates for screen printers, offset and flexographic printers as well as many adhesives for indoor, outdoor, textured or smooth surfaces. Let us help you choose the correct laminate for your application.

Standard Width of USA produced magnetic sheeting is 24.375″.

General thickness / application guideline:

Pull Strength /
Square foot
.015″ thick 40 pounds Advertising specialty
.020″ thick 60 pounds POP Displays, Photos, Business cards, Crafts
.030″ thick 85 pounds Car Sign, Masking, Vent Covers, Menu Boards
Warehouse Labels
.060″ thick 145 pounds More strength required

Machinability: Label Magnets are easy to cut with scissors, paper cutter, utility knife, punch or die cutter.

Operating temperature range: -15 degrees F to 160 degress F.

Magnetic strength is derived by many factors:

  • Thickness of the magnet
  • Surface area that magnet will cover
  • Magnetic energy level
  • Magnetic pole pattern

Cutting capabilities: Cut blanks, slit along the length of the roll or die cut.

Printing Methods: Screen Printing, Ink-Jet, Flexographic, Offset, and Digital Printing

Weak side coatings / laminates:

  • White Vinyl – for screen printing or vinyl lettering
  • Adhesive – for easy mounting of prints, photos or posters
  • Plain/Uncoated – apply your own adhesive or laminate

Custom cutting and slitting available.
Call for pricing and minimums 303-740-4892.

Typical Physical Properties
Hardness Specific Gravity Shrinkage Tensile Strength
Shore D60 3.5 <1.5% @ 158 degrees F, 7 days 700 psi (49 kg/cm2)
  • Point of Purchase
  • Photo Mounting
  • Advertising Specialties
  • Menu Boards
  • Kick Plates
  • Vent Covers
  • Posters
  • Signage
Printing Profiles:
  • Screen Print
  • Digital Print
  • Offset
  • Ink-Jet

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